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The Night I Tried Okra18"x18" oil on canvas
Sphinx in Factory Shadow24"x36" oil on canvas
Corn18"x24" oil on canvas
Glockenspiel Danceor Portrait of the Artist as a Glockenspiel Player18"x18" oil on panel
So New, the Vittles18"x24" oil on canvas
Baltimore18"x24" oil on canvas
Malfunction18"x24" oil on canvas
Preakness18"x24" oil on canvas
I Stopped in at the Farmhouse14"x18" oil on canvas
A Mountain Town16"x20" oil on panel
Beach Pole Dancer18"x24" oil on canvas
Mermaids on the Potomac18"x24" oil on canvas
A Gift of Corn,A Corn Haired Boy18"x24" oil on canvas
News, Food18"x18" oil on panel
Frau18"x18" oil on panel
A Charles Town Dock16"x20" oil on canvas
Tuzigoot24"x36" oil on canvas
Coffee's On16"x20" oil on canvas
I Smelled Corn from Space16"x20" oil on canvas
Just Back from Jinnistan(The City of Genies)16"x20" oil on canvas
Angel at Water16"x20" oil on panel
Unicorn Attaque16"x20" oil on panel
Ferris Wheel16"x20" oil on panel
Likker in Corn Shadow16"x20" oil on panel
Unicorn16"x20" oil on panel
Corn Dancer16"x20" oil on panel
Arizona16"x18" oil on panel